How Can I Trust You?
Undoubtedly, the question that I have been asked most often since I
decided to DO SOMETHING, and which is hardest to answer is
"What makes you think that just because someone smokes they will
merrily send you a cheque for £10 or whatever?".

Secondly, "If you can't get any funding, your dreams are up in
smoke, no?"

My answer has always been the same:-

"The tobacco manufacturers refused to back me because of their
corporate governance regulations relating to the funding of political
parties and Simon Clark of FOREST refused funding because he
thinks I am deluding myself to imagine that smokers could win an

He may well be right but I DON'T THINK SO.

I am totally convinced that there are sufficient smokers in Britain
who are so heartily sick of having more and more of their rights
taken away that there is more than a good chance that enough of
them will agree with me sufficiently to risk putting a tenner in an
envelope if only on the slim chance that history can be made.


If you are a smoker who, like me; thinks"Enough is Enough"; and would gladly pay a tenner for a shot at
moon but are refraining from sending one, I would love to know why.

I can assure every visitor to this site that the figures in the
spreadsheet are accurate.

The only way we could fail to win an election is to fail to persuade the traditional non-voting smokers to
change their habit of a lifetime and actually vote for something that will have a direct influence on their
quality of life.

This could only be offset by the major parties also persuading traditional non-voting, non-smoking voters
to turn out and restore the equilibrium. Having been unable to do that for 100 years, I don't think they
will be able to now.

Getting our message over to the traditional non-voting smokers and persuading them, as a one-off, to
come out and vote is what requires the funding along with the party infrastructure.

We can do this if we can raise the funds. Please send a cheque now or
e-mail me here and tell me what
your reservations are or what I could do to persuade you to write a cheque.

Thank you,

Derek Platten